Race, World War II Incarceration: March 1942

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Boys WaitingBoys WaitingGeneral John L. DeWitt announces “Military Area 1” covering the western parts of California, Oregon and Washington, and the southern part of Arizona.  He orders all Japanese Americans to leave the area.

Mess HallMess HallThe Wartime Civil Control Administration constructs 16 “assembly centers,” 12 of which were in California. These hastily constructed camps in race tracks, livestock pavilions, and fair grounds temporarily house Japanese Americans until more permanent camps are built.

ManzanarManzanarRoosevelt administration creates the War Relocation Authority (WRA) to administer 10 long-term camps in California, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, and Arkansas. The two California camps are Manzanar, in the Owens Valley, and Tule Lake, in Modoc County.

General DeWitt orders an 8pm to 6am curfew on all people of Japanese ancestry and all German and Italian aliens in Military Area 1.

Portland, Oregon attorney Minoru Yasui walks into a police station during curfew hours so that he can be arrested and bring a test case challenging the curfew.