Censorship: 1968

Los Angeles Mayor Sam Yorty sues the Los Angeles Times for libel over a political cartoon. In 1970, the court rules in favor of the newspaper and freedom of the press.

Censorship: 1973

Ruling in Miller v. California, the U.S. Supreme Court alters the obscenity standard again, making obscenity convictions easier to obtain.

Censorship: 1976

Law enforcement officials sue two San Francisco reporters, Raul Ramirez and Lowell Bergman, and the San Francisco Examiner over their depiction in a series of stories about a Chinatown murder case; a jury awards a multi-million dollar judgment against the reporters. Journalists rally to their defense.

Censorship: 1978

A Shasta County school board bans the works of Pulitzer Prize winning author Richard Brautigan from high school classrooms and libraries; teacher V.I. Wexner sues.

Censorship: 1979

Refregier Workers March muralRefregier Workers March muralMurals painted in San Francisco's Rincon Center in the 1940s by Anton Refregier, the focus of censorship efforts in the 1950s, are declared an official San Francisco City landmark; the artist died the same year.

Censorship: 1980s

School districts ban Ms. Magazine, Rudolfo Anaya’s novel Bless Me Ultima, and Alice Walker’s The Color Purple, among other literary works.

Hear Rudolfo Anaya talk about Bless Me Ultima:

Censorship: 1986

California Supreme Court reverses the judgment against the reporters Lowell Bergman and Raul Ramirez on the grounds of press freedom.

Censorship: 1988

A state court of appeal strikes down the ban on books by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Richard Brautigan in Shasta County schools.

Censorship: 1989

San Francisco school superintendent confiscates copies of literary magazines created by junior high school students; their teacher and her union protest, charging that it is in violation of education code. Magazines are restored to the students.

Censorship: 1997

ACLU files the first national suit against an act of Congress attempting to censors the Internet, ACLU v. Reno; poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti is a plaintiff.

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