Labor: 1939

Harry BridgesHarry BridgesFirst of three unsuccessful efforts to deport longshoreman and 1934 strike leader Harry Bridges.

Governor Culbert Olsen pardons Warren Billings.

Madera County officials jail 145 cotton strikers for violating the county’s anti-picketing ordinance. Madera city parks are closed to all public meetings. A federal judge declares Madera’s anti-picketing ordinance unconstitutional.

Labor: 1940

U.S. Supreme Court invalidates California’s anti-picketing laws.

Labor: 1941

President Franklin D. Roosevelt issues Executive Order 8802 outlawing racial discrimination in defense industry employment. The order expires at the end of the war.

Labor: 1945

California supreme court rules in James v. Marinship that African American shipbuilders have the right to equal membership in unions and cannot be segregated into Jim Crow “auxiliary” unions, in which they pay dues but have no voice in union decisions.

Labor: 1946

Proposition 11, a labor-supported initiative to create a state anti-discrimination law in employment, fails.

Labor: 1959

State legislature passes a Fair Employment Practices Act, prohibiting racial, religious, and national origin discrimination in employment.

Labor: Sept. 8, 1965

Filipino grape pickers begin striking in Delano to protest dangerous and unfair working conditions. They are quickly joined by Mexican workers. United Farm Workers forms. Growers obtain injunctions from local judges to prevent strikers from picketing.

Listen to UFW leaders Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez speak.

Labor: 1967

Picketers advocate for boycott of grapes and lettucePicketers advocate for boycott of grapes and lettuce United Farm Workers calls for an international grape boycott.

Labor: 1970

Grape growers begin to sign union contracts with the United Farm Workers, banning child labor and establishing a basic fair wage and safety and pesticide controls.

Labor: 1973

Mourner at funeral of Juan de la CruzMourner at funeral of Juan de la CruzAfter the UFW’s initial contract expires, many growers sign backdoor “sweetheart” contracts with the Teamsters Union, often without the vote of workers. In response, the UFW sets up pickets. Thugs hired by the Teamsters threaten and harass the strikers. Twenty-four year old Yemeni immigrant Nagi Daifullah is killed by a Kern County deputy sheriff. Two days later 60-year-old Filipino immigrant Juan de la Cruz is shot and killed while picketing.

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